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With race day almost upon us we hope that your training has been going well.  As we approach the 22nd there are a few important organisational announcements that we would like to share with you in order to make race day go more smoothly.

1)       There is a change in parking venue for competitors.  This year there is no race parking at Scottish Gas HQ.  Would all competitors now use the Edinburgh College car park accessed from West Granton Road.  Signs will be posted to direct competitors towards this parking which will be available from 8am onwards on race day.

2)       Would all runners return their timing chips to us at the end of the race.  The chips we are using in this event are of a non-disposable type and as such each one must be collected.  Our timing provider charges for each lost chip and this is a cost we intend to pass on to the competitor.

Other key details for the race remain the same.  Competitors can collect their race numbers and timing chips from registration desks in front of Scottish Gas HQ that will be open from 8.30am onwards.  Registration closes at 9.30am sharp and both races start at 10am.

…and finally

All of us at Edinburgh Athletic Club hope you and your family / friends / supporters have a rewarding and enjoyable race day. 

Yours sincerely,

Edinburgh Athletic Club

Scottish Gas Race Organising Committee

Event info

The event organiser has added the following information for you:

Race Control


The main venue for the race is Scottish Gas HQ.


Car Parking


The event car park is at Edinburgh College (formerly Edinburgh Telford College) on West Granton Road close to the Scottish Gas HQ.  Signs will be posted to direct drivers towards the car park which will be open from 8.00am. 




There are no changing facilities at the venue and if possible please come ready to run. There will be an area for bags at the front of the Scottish Gas HQ where you can leave your bag at your own risk; please do not leave valuables in this area.




These are available close to the start area.  As everyone will wish to go at the same time, please allow extra time and go early!


Running Number and timing chip


Race numbers and timing chips will be issued from 08:30 on the day of the race at Scottish Gas HQ.  Please ensure that you collect your race number and chip no later than 09:30.  Bring a note of your race number with you, this will be on your e-mail receipt.  Race numbers and chips are not exchangeable and you will not be allowed to compete without one.  If for any reason you are unable to run, please do not give your number or chip to anyone else.  Your number must be clearly visible on your front at all times during the race. This is very important in order to comply with SAL rules and to ensure accurate results. It also helps us to broadcast positions to supporters and friends gathered at the finish.


Timing chips will be issued with race numbers at registration.  The chips must be securely fastened to your running shoes, either by threading through the laces, or by wire ties (supplied at the start area).  Detail on how to correctly attach the timing chip will be provided at the start area.


Health and Safety


Clear route maps will be posted at the Start.  The route is well signposted, and is on public road and the Esplanade.  We are being assisted in the organisation of the race by Edinburgh Council and a number of voluntary marshals.  Please follow the instructions of the marshals.  Unless otherwise instructed, please run on the left hand side of the road and not more than three abreast.  If there is a medical or other problem, tell one of the officials and they will seek help.  If you feel unwell before the race, please do not run.  If you have a medical condition which first aiders need to be aware of, write details on the back of your race number.




Both races start at 10:00 am.  The Start and Warm-up Area is adjacent to Scottish Gas HQ.  Stay in the warm-up area prior to the call to the start.  The main road will be closed just prior to the start.  To keep warm at the start, wear old clothes that you can throw away just before the start.  Don’t just drop them where someone may trip over them, please throw them outside the assembly area where they will be collected and donated to a deserving charity.




There is one water stations on the 10K route at the end of the prom at Crammond; drinks are also available at the finish.




The finish area is at Scottish Gas HQ.  We operate multiple lanes in the finish area to assist the de-chipping process, please be guided by the marshals as to which lane they direct you to go down.  Your time will be displayed on screen as soon as you cross the finish line.  You will be kept in single file within the finish lanes to make the process of de-chipping easier, so please do not duck under the tapes.  Keep moving down the lanes to prevent a backlog. Once your chip has been removed by a volunteer you will be guided towards tables where you can collect your T-shirt and refreshments.


Please note the timing chips that we will be using in this race are of a non-disposable type.  As such it is very important that they are all collected at the end of the race.  Please don’t leave the finish area without giving your chip to one of the de-chipping team. 


Prize Giving


We will get the results out as quickly as possible. Please wait for the prize-giving if you can. Full results will be available at


…and finally


All of us at Edinburgh Athletic Club hope you and your family / friends / supporters have a rewarding and enjoyable day.